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Taylor Construction
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by Greg and Anita Villeneuve on Taylor Construction
Not your typical construction company!!

We have nothing but positive things to say about Taylor construction and their team. From the very first time we met them until the final touches were placed on our project, their service and quality of work was top notch. We have dealt with multiple contractors, trades, construction people over the years and they have all been the same stereotype. They don't really care about quality work, don't show up on time (or at all), don't get back to you etc etc. Taylor construction puts all those stereotypes to rest. They ACTUALLY care about their work and the quality that goes in to it, they answer their phones, they call you back, they email you back (more often than not within an hour!) and the list goes on. We felt so fortunate to have found them and would hire them again in a heartbeat and recommend them to anyone and everyone. A special thanks goes out to Darcy who oversaw our project and whose dedication to his work and communication throughout was so refreshing and appreciated!! Thanks so much!!

by Rosewood Estates Condo Corp on Taylor Construction
Rosewood Estates

Taylor Construction [Taylor] was hired by the condominium corporation to remove and install 261 windows at rosewood estates, a 14-story high-rise building located in the beltline area of the city. Work commenced in the latter part of September 2008, and is now nearing completion. Throughout the entire project work has proceeded in a professional workman like manner with few work disruptions or issues between the parties. Weather did slow the project from time to time. The corporation has found both Taylor and its staff to be cognizant of the problems of dealing with resident owners of condominium units. The onsite personnel were respectful of both the corporation's and the owners' concerns. Taylor made every attempt to minimize the disruption to the owners throughout the process. This extended from the removal of the existing windows, the installation of the new windows, the installation of the new casing and all necessary painting. The corporation's property was fully protected at all times. This included the use of protective materials on both the roof of the parkade as well as the upper roof level so as not to damage the roofing in either location. As far as possible tarps were used to minimize the spread of waste in the planter and lawn areas. Job site waste was deposited into a bin that was removed on a regular basis as it was filled. Waste bins were permitted both in the back lane in excess parking stalls and on the front lawn. A storage bin for safe keeping of window supplies was also permitted. As the existing windows were removed and replaced, the new window casings were installed. Painting of the window frames and the casings quickly followed in accordance with a predetermined schedule. Any issues that arose between the parties during the construction process were quickly resolved to the satisfaction of all concerned. A resident owner, who was familiar with the work Taylor had done, or were dong, for boardwalk, referred the company to the corporation as a possible contractor. Before making a final decision as to whether to retain the services of Taylor construction the corporation was able to view several projects with which they were associated. Taylor was highly recommended as a competent and reliable contractor. The condominium corporation has been very impressed with the manner in, which the window replacement project proceeded, and the help and assistance it has received from Taylor and its sub-trades. Individual owners have been extremely pleased with the manner in which the work in their unit was completed.

by Boardwalk Rental Communities on Taylor Construction
CPW Project - Boardwalk Rental Communities

Taylor Construction's crews strive to meet the highest quality standards, being very selective about who they hire and how their team members conduct themselves on every job site. Their construction expertise and sound judgment are exemplified in their daily work. Repeatedly, we have received positive feedback from our site associates, customers, and management regarding the professionalism of Taylor's employees. Their accommodating problem-solving approach in dealing with owner requests is commendable. We believe that they have always carefully considered our company's best interests, as the are equipped with a resolve to operate ethically. In concluding, our experience has shown Taylor Construction to be a very professional company that has delivered efficient, high quality work in a dependable manner.

by Bob Passmore - Building Science + Architecture Ltd. on Taylor Construction
CPW Project - BS+A Ltd.

Through projects such as Centre Point West, we have experienced first hand Taylor Construction's knowledgeable staff, who possess not only wisdom regarding the task at hand, but have the ability and intent to complete it with truthfulness, reliability and respect. With these values evident in their work, they not only adhere to a higher standard, but create a favourable work environment for their sub-trades to succeed. Taylor Construction has the ability to communicate clearly with their clients and subcontractors, not only through their superior finished product, but they understand the need for respectful and consistent communication with all parties involved. Based on their core values, Taylor's cooperation and communication with clients and consultants is professional, courteous, timely and organized. While working closely with Taylor Construction, we have had the pleasure to renovate an important building in the Boardwalk Properties portfolio while building a strong and sustainable relationship together. It is with pleasure that Building Science + Architecture recommends without reservation, Taylor Construction for a project of any magnitude, as we ourselves look forward to working with them in the future. Should you be interested in seeking more information on the reputation of Taylor Construction, BS+A are available during regular business hours.

by Chris Hunter - MasterBUILT Hotels Ltd. on Taylor Construction
Oakridge Gardens Project

Taylor Construction performed a full window replacement, roofing replacement and envelope detailing rehabilitation on the condominium complex, Oakridge Gardens, in south Calgary. Morrison Hershfield was the building Envelope Consultant, engaged to develop and oversee a rehabilitation program for the complex, my role was Project Manager. Occupied condominium rehabilitation work is complex and sensitive, due to the nature of the work and financial implications on private owners. I found Taylor to be professional, well organized, diligent in their work, and sensitive to the owner group. I would be happy to work with Taylor Construction in the future and would recommend them to others.

by Mark Soloman PMP - EllisDon on Taylor Construction
Pontefino II Project - EllisDon

In 2013, Pontefino II Condominium Corporation engaged EllisDon Project Management Services to provide owner representation on an exterior remediation project. This project included demolition, metal roofing, EIFS, parkade waterproofing, and concrete work. The General Contractor to whom this bid was awarded to was Taylor Construction. This large scale remediation project required special attention to the many building envelope details, public safety, scheduling, and communication with both the unit owners and board members. In addition to having knowledgeable and experienced staff, Taylor placed a high priority on customer/client relations. Whether it was pricing, scheduling changes, site reports, or general correspondence at Taylor was highly proficient in circulating any required documentation with professionalism, speed and diligence. Taylor's subtrades also conformed to Taylor's high standard of quality and professionalism, giving the client added assurance. It is rare for an exterior renovation project of this size to be completed without any major obstacles. We found Taylor was able to surmount these challenges through their high‐standards and experience. We look forward to continuing our working relationship with Taylor for the years to come. We encourage anyone undertaking a construction project, new build or remediation, big or small – to heavily consider Taylor.