The Olive

The Olive is a mixed-use 2-storey commercial building in Bridgeland, with the commercial businesses on the main floor of the building providing a live/work balance for the community.

Problem: This building had a major air and vapour transfusion problem that occurred from the condition spaces into the existing unvented roof assembly causing condensation related water ingress problems.

Solution: Solving the issue required removing the existing roofs and replacing the rotten wood framing. We also filed the joist space with 2lb medium density spray foam and finished the new roofs with standing seam metal.

Result: This building was loaded with leaks and we completely removed the condensation issues they were experiencing while leaving the walls with a dry usable space.

• Water ingress
• Venting related condensation
• Air and vapour transfusion
• Roof removal and replacement
• Framing
• Insulation spray foam
• Standing seam metal roof

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