Silverwood on the Park

 Silverwood on the Park is a 7-storey apartment complex in Bowness and is one of the most sought-after apartments in the community.

Problem: For this project, we were asked to correct window air leakage and water ingress issues that resulted in our client’s decision to replace all the windows.

Solution: While removing the defective windows, we discovered the original steel stud framed walls were incorrectly framed with light gauge steel and missing many fasteners. To properly install the new windows, the entire wall and window area was re-framed with structural steel studs. Once the windows were in place, we finished off the installation with the proper transition details to match the look of the building.

Result: The work completed during this project resulted in lower heating costs, no more water leakage around windows and dry, usable space.

• Installation of structural steel studs
• Window removal and installation
• Framing
• Transition details

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