Centre Pointe West

Centre Pointe West (CPW) is a 7-storey, 135 suite apartment building located in the beltline of southwest Calgary.

Problem: The original exterior had been leaking moisture for years, leaving behind mould and rotten walls.

Solution: This apartment building required a complete replacement of the exterior facade. To complete the project within the 18-month deadline, over 50 Taylor Construction employees and five different subtrades were needed to assist with the project. To accommodate the tight schedule, winter weather and the tenants of the building still living in the suites, a controlled environment was needed, requiring the use of scaffold hoarding and heating. The exterior walls were re-framed to allow for installation of all new windows and patio doors. A StoTherm Rainscreen Exterior Insulation Finish System was installed to maximize R-value, minimize maintenance, and enhance future longevity.

Result: The CPW project has been our most challenging project to date and at the time the largest building envelope replacement in Canada. Not only was this project completed on schedule, but also on budget, resulting in a glowing letter of recommendation from the third-party engineer.

• Asbestos stucco removed from exterior of the building
• Exterior sheathing removed
• Steel framing replaced
• Exterior drywall installed
• StoTherm Rainscreen (EIFS)
• Deck membranes replaced with new liquid applied membrane
• 400 windows and patio doors installed
• Mould removed from building walls
• Project close-out landscaping completed

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