Cedarbrae Community Centre

Cedarbrae Community Centre is the local hub where Cedarbrae residents meet and participate in various programming. The centre makes use of its gym, kitchen, concession and meeting rooms for an assortment of programs that include, afterschool care, preschool, yoga, martial arts classes, fitness classes, indoor hockey, line dancing and Girl Guides.

Problem: In addition to the leaking second floor deck needing immediate repair, this project also required a curtain wall and roof replacement.

Solution: We removed the existing deck membrane, sloped and waterproofed the deck. We also installed a better water management system to deal with drainage.

Result: The work we completed resulted in no more leakage into the conference room and no more window leaks throughout the building. This work resulted in improved air quality and efficiency savings.

• Deck waterproofing
• Deck sloping
• Roof replacement
• Curtain wall
• Window replacement
• Repaired windows

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