Bow Centre Housing Society

Bow Center Housing Society’s 5-storey retirement centre for seniors in the northwest community of Bowness.

Problem: When asked to inspect this building, we discovered water ingress was occurring around the windows where the building was cladded with metal.

Solution: To fix the issue, we first had to remove all the metal cladding and the exterior gypsum, then install the new DensGlass. To prevent any future leakage around the windows, the building was detailed with flashings and a self-adhered membrane. We re-enveloped the building, installed new z-girts, and replaced the insulation. Then we finished the project by installing new metal cladding to match the original appearance of the building.

Result: The seniors in the retirement centre benefited from leak-free windows and modern cladding, which enhanced the look of their home.


• Cladding removal and installation
• Install DensGlass
• Flashing installation
• Membrane adhered
• Gypsum removal
• Z-girts installed
• Insulation replaced
• Building envelope sealed

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