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What you need to know about the lowest bid

All contractors are selected for most remediation projects in a similar manner. Multiple contractors submit bids for how much they would charge to complete the required work detailed in a drawing and specification package. Once all of these bids are submitted they are reviewed by the consultant and owner. Following this review, most often the […]


Quality Control and Quality Assurance Best Practices

We have been involved in some very complex remediation projects. They take a lot of work to execute properly. Most of the important work however is completed by the consultant before we are even brought into the project. The consultant spends many hours investigating and developing the drawings and specifications to correct the issues that […]


Sustainable and Durable Structures

The term sustainability is being used more and more as people are taking actions to make their buildings more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. A key component to sustainability that is not so often discussed is durability. When it comes to buildings, durability means that the structure has been designed and constructed to last as […]


The Need for Proper Detailing

In our first post we discussed the importance of getting it right the first time. The key to this is having proper detailing, which consists of having the proper components and materials installed in the proper way, paying particular attention to the transitions between the different components and materials.   Proper detailing requires an understanding […]


Get it Right the First Time

Many of us have been there: walking into a room and seeing water staining on the ceiling or water dripping from the inside of a window. Or maybe your building is starting to show its senior status and it is becoming very apparent that major repairs are on the horizon. Whether you sit on a […]


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